Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Haiku poem

I hate big spiders.

Some spiders are fat and juicy.

And spiders hate me."

Obediah O., Company F.

"Today all of the battalion went to the Great Sand Dunes. You notice finally after an hour of hiking that you've been moving backwards, then when you developed a technique and start to move you climb for an hour then fall over the edge of the dunes and tumble 100 feet and can't get out. But I have to thank the counselors for a helping hand and high spirits. I would also like to acknowledge other campers without them we could never have made it as far as we did. Farewell and DON'T PANIC."

Will G., Company F.

"I'm having a good time so far. I got to meet a miniature horse that was two inches taller than used to be. I met some new friends named Kenia, Yvette, and an awesome counselor named Sean. [There is] this guy named will and he looks like Chris from my school. He was really nice. Everyone is really different from New Mexico, and nice."

Sabria H., Company F
"So far this week I have had a lot of fun. I made a lot of friends. We went to the Sand Dunes and went all the way to the top of the Sand Dune. Tomorrow we are leaving and I guess I can say I'm happy to go home but I'm also sad to leave my two best friends in the camp. "

Kenia H., Company F

"This camp has totally changed, in a good way, the way I look at life but the one I really like is Lawrence he changed a lot and he said some inspiring words and it went to heart and our staff was very funny. I like the friends I meet."

Josh N., Company F.
"Today me and Nicole went to the Sand Dunes. We climbed to the highest dune not like last time because last time we didn't climb all the way. Patrick and Rachel are my counselors and they're really nice and I'm glad to have them as counselors. When we got back to camp me and Nicole and Erika put on our swimming suits and we went swimming. Then we went back to camp. Now we are doing blogs."

Irma L., Company E

"Our company went to see the horses and Irma and I were the first ones to brush the pony. His name was Big John. His name is opposite from him. We are soon going to ride them. He was really pretty. He was 7 or 8 hands tall. He is 14 or 15 years old. I liked all the horses. We learned how to walk a horse, and how to brush a horse and how to clean his hooves. Also how to keep safe around the horses and how to feed and water them. It was so fun learning all this stuff."

Ericka S., Company E

"This morning was awesome. We went to the Sand Dunes, it was awesome. Then in the afternoon we went swimming. It is our last day at camp. Our counselor Patrick is very cool. So is Rachel our other counselor."

Shawn D., Company E
"Today after camping near the Sand Dunes we climbed them. Then we went swimming. I think it was fun. The counselors here are cool. I wold like to come here again."

Albert M., Company D
"What I did this week was we had a topic every day. Monday was Ute Indian day, Tuesday was Hispano day, Wednesday was Buffalo Soldier day, Thursday we went to the Great Sand Dunes. We had a blast. We had a great big campfire and we all sang and listened to the stories. Today was good because we hiked the Sand Dune all the way to the top. It was fun."

Marissa M., Company D
"Today I went to climb a Sand Dune. My counselor Justin he said you can do it when I kept saying I can't do it. Then it was time to climb. It was so much fun! I can't believe I did it! Then we went swimming. It was so fun!"

Iesha O., Company D
"I like camp so far its like wow. I never knew history could be so fun. I don't know who wouldn't come."

Adrianna J., Company C
"We went to the Sand Dunes. My counselors are Dee and Arthur. They are funny. We went swimming today. We had a campfire."

Angelina R., Company C
"This week has been so fun at camp. I finally finished my weaving. It took me three days to finish. We climbed the Sand Dunes, and they look bigger than they seem. At the top of the Sand Dunes the sand is steeper and harder to climb. I also made this cool mountain refrigerator magnet. At a campfire I got to play a coyote that is tricked by a bear. Everyone liked my part. We also went swimming and had a lot of fun."

Matthew M., Company C
"Today I had fun when we went swimming and camping out on the Sand Dunes. Tomorrow, all of us are going home."

Tyler M., Company C
"Today I had a good day, I liked swimming the best. It was awesome. At the Sand Dunes I liked the creek and the view the best too. Mr. Brandon is a fast climber, I'm surprised Mr. Brandon did not slip and fall. Ms. Tessa was in front of Mr. Brandon for about 10 minutes after that Brandon caught up. I HAD A GOOD DAY!"

Mack M., Company B
"One before I slept in the tents. I don't know how but Arthur went in Boots' room and scared the girls by the door and me and my friend were laughing. That was the fun night."

Tazjae H., Company B

"The people at camp are very nice. The food is good, I like it. The counselors are nice. Arthur is fun but he is in Company C."

Amos R., Company B

"It's our 2nd to last day and we're supposed to have s'mores tonight. I'm having fun though."

Kyle S., Company B.

"My counselors rock."

Eustace O., Company A.
"I am making new friends and I'm helping them. My new friends names are Sarah and Tazjae. So far it hasn't been too bad with drills."

Kanika W., Company A.

"Today I walked to the top of the Sand Dunes and first had to walk across a mini lake and I had fun sliding down the hill. I got hot. One time in camp we went to ride horses and I saw a buffalo and long horn (cattle) and a ram and Eustace tried to pet it but it rammed the cage. My counselors are nice (David and Kristine) I had fun this week and it was hot wet cold and messy! I took care of a horse while I was here."

Taylor M., Company A.

"I have really been having fun. One night we had a dance. I danced with my friend Stephanie. She's 11 years old like me. She's really funny."

Eric F., Company F.

"Last night I danced with this boy named Tyler 2 times and then Skyler. It was FUN."

Dakota T., Company F.
"I really like the dancing. I danced with all my friends and with some boy I don't know but I really had fun. On the same day we went and got to ride horses. I can't wait to go home and tell my family."

Yvette M., Company F.

"What we did these past days. Yesterday we went horseback riding, after we went to the Stations of the Cross, then we went back to the camp and went to bed. Then today we got to see the horses because we had to clean the cage, and give them hay, then we got to walk a horse around. After, we got to pet the horse."

Junae O., Company E

"Today, I was practicing with the wooden rifles with Sgt. Bill. We did all kinds of different stances with them and we went horseback riding yesterday. This camp is the best."

Matthew M. Company E.
"We went to ride horses... it was a little cool. Then we learned how to use a wooden gun. Last night we danced with people it was fun but I didn't want to but it was a fun three days so far."

B.J. M., Company E
"Today was Buffalo Soldiers Day. We learned a lot. My favorite thing I learned is that the slaves soon became soldiers."

DeOndrea R. Company D.

"I am having a great time at camp. Last night we went hiking. After that we had a dance. I danced with a few people. Today we switched stations. At one of the stations someone shot a rifle it was so cool."

Scott H. Company D

(parents just so you are aware: the Civil War presenter fired a blank round out of a replica Civil War era rifle)
"Today what we did was Buffalo Soldier day and we learned lots of things. We got to pet the horses. Yesterday was fun because we got to ride horses."

Stephanie D. Company D.

"I like camp. We do weaving. Every morning we do flag raising and every afternoon we take the flag down. We went horseback riding."

Marty K. Company C.

"Both of the people (Civil War presenters) had horses. Last night there was a Hispanic band that played good music and we danced to the music. Yesterday, I rode Kansas."

Tommy T. Company C.

"I had a lot of fun on Tuesday. We made Santos and I also did weaving. We also rode horses. The horse I rode was brown. Then at night we danced. Arsenio and his friends were playing the guitars and the accordion. Today we saw horses. We also did drills. I also made more friends that are nice."

Ana G. Company C
"My favorite thing about the camp is the really fun activities. What I did today is learned how to pack a horse. My favorite activity was horseback riding."

D'Angelo T. Company B

"I am having a good time. And we get to go to the Sand Dunes and we get to go climb the Sand Dunes. And we got to see a Buffalo Soldier, and we got to do drills, and then we got to ride horses."

Sean H. Company B

"Today I learned how to put a saddle on a horse. I'm having a great day. It is nice to pet them (the horses). It was cool. Now to history about the Buffalo Soldiers. They are African-Americans and the Buffalo Soldiers were slaves."

Carlos C. Company B
"Well yesterday I danced with this boy named Albert. Well everyone danced with someone. But I danced with him. It was fun, a lot of fun, but embarrassing. So we passed that day and it comes to where we hang out with the horses. During lunch it was fun we sang songs. My favorite song was named Goober Peas."

Lissette D. Company A

"Um... ummm I had fun playing catch and learning about Buffalo Soldiers and how to pack a horse and maneuvering a horse and that is it."

Cameron H.D. Company A
"Today was good and so was yesterday. Yesterday I rode horses, it scared me so bad but I got use to it. I danced with a boy named Tommy, he got taken away from me by a different girl but thats ok. My favorite thing is taking care of the horses."

Nicole C. Company A