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Blog Post: June 25

Today we saw Glorieta Pass, or the "Gettysburg of the West." Campers learned all about the battle and it really had an impact on them, as you'll see below. To lean more about Glorieta, please follow this link.

Taylor B.
When I was hiking the Glorieta Path, I was very, very tired. There were a lot of steep hills, I really do think that it would’ve been way much easier without all the extra rocks. I am ready to take a shower after that hot, long and tiring trail.

Lissette D.
From today’s experience something I learned today that I didn’t know before is that Pigeon Ranch was a place to rest.

Angelina R.
I think that it would be pretty hard to fight a battle in [Glorieta Pass]. I also think they would have been really hot.

Alexis G.
I felt like I could see the fighting raging right in front of me [at Glorieta Pass]. I did not know about Peticolas, the man who dressed himself us as the enemy to get across [the battlefield]. I would like to know what he did after.

Madi B.
Today was the third day of our trip but actually the first day of doing things and not just driving. We went and watched a short video at Pecos [National Park]. Then we got back on the bus (I took a small nap) and we went to the Glorieta Pass battle field. It was a long 2 mile hike, it was hot. I got real tired but we learned a lot :)

Cheyene M.
At Glorieta Pass I experienced what it was like to be a soldier at the things they had to do.

Klara C.
I cannot believe how the Confederates had to suffer through the weather and especially losing their supplies to the Union. But they went days without food, ammunition and even horses and mules which meant starvation and defenselessness. Although I would be on the Union side, I do feel sorry for all the suffering the Confederates went though. Hope to see you soon, Mama, Daddy and Scampi.

Jensen M.
The Glorieta Pass battlefield was very amazing. It was interesting to know that a whole supply chain could cause a side to lose. It goes to show the people that are prepared to call the shots.

I had lots of emotions when we were at Glorieta Battle site. It was pretty cool seeing where actual men fought back then! I felt a little tired towards the middle/end [of the hike/scavenger hunt]. I was happy that we had snacks and water.  It was good emotions all around and I can’t wait to have more great journeys!

Devyn P.
[I am] excited because that was the first time I have ever heard about [Glorieta Pass]. I learned a lot and how they fought in a lot of trees. I would like to learn more. I also learned that once you have something you should be prepared to lose it, like the Confederates lost Glorieta.

Pilal D.
When we went to the Glorieta battle field I felt like I was feeling what the soldiers were feeling. I felt tired walking and I think the soldiers felt tired and sleepy too. I bet the soldiers back then were starving and bored. It’s boring just to be lying around.

Jesse K.
My feelings today were excited because today, June 25th, I could stand right where generals and soldiers stood.

Bryttnee L.
Today I felt respect for the death of the soldier and the history of the land. The feeling of being on a real-life battle field is somewhat weird because of the deaths, but it is a privilege to be able to see it today.

Heaven T.
Today at Glorieta I felt that it must have been hard to fight a battle in all those trees and bushes.

Maria S.
Today we visited the Battle of Glorieta Pass battle field. We took a hike and a scavenger hunt. We were searching for items such as a bullet, ball, army fabric and an army button. We learned much about the Battle of Glorieta Pass. Pigeon Branch was a rest stop for soldiers. The Santa Fe Trail passes through the canyon. Sergeant Alfred Peticolas walked through enemy lines. I really hope to learn much more.

I learned that after the way the nurses would go check people for stuff they needed.
Tristan A.
Today I learned what it felt like to be in the position of the soldiers.

Issac B.
Today I felt excited because I was on a battlefield where people fought. I learned that the CSA ran out of food. I would like to know how they ran out of food. The idea of being prepared to life’s challenges relates to my life because if I didn’t have food or water I would die.

Bennett T.
At Glorieta I experienced interest, awe and fatigue. I was interested that [Glorieta Pass] is called the Gettysburg of the West since it stopped. I learned that it looked like a Confederate victory but cut-off supplies caused a Union victory. I would like to learn what gave the Union the idea to attack supply lines. Being prepared relates to my life because you need to make sure your important assets are protected and always have a back-up plan.

Jared E.
Today I was sad and excited at the same time because I was excited to see the battlefield but I was sad to know a lot of people died here. I learned that Brian the photographer’s Great Great Great Uncle was here and saw a dead person and rolled over and the dead guy was actually alive and turned over and shot him but then Brain’s Great Great Uncle shot him in the face.* I learned today that if you don’t have the things to succeed in life you won’t succeed. For example, if you don’t have a screwdriver then you can’t screw in a screw.

Chris B.
I experienced tiredness in my legs from all the walking today as well as fun and excitement just from being here at Glorieta. I learned that a soldier got lost and went behind enemy lines, but eventually returned to his own side. I learned that being prepared is important; when I pack for big trips I have to be prepared for anything that may go wrong.

When I was hiking today I felt strong like I had a lot of energy and I never felt that way before. I learned that big round bullets were for a rife and I didn’t know that before! I learned that if someone was not prepared for a battle there is a 90% chance that they will die, but if they are prepared there is only a 20% chance they will die.

The feeling I felt while I was walking on Glorieta Pass was proud. This was one of the hottest places I have ever been to in my life! I learned that soldiers had to walk for very long distances and keep their canteen full most of the time. I also learned that if I’m not prepared for something I would probably get in trouble.

Austyn J.
Today I felt very tired. I learned about how hard it was in the Civil War. I learned that you prepare by keeping your supplies well protected or keeping them far away from the battle.

Kevin V.
At Glorieta I felt very interested! I didn’t know that soldiers were sometimes sent without supplies. I go camping a lot and always remember all my things – being prepared is very important.

Today I felt sorry for the troops at Glorieta Pass because it was hard for me and I was just touring, not being a soldier. I learned that the end of the battle was based on the fact that the Union burned the Confederates’ supplies.

Owen C.
Today I learned that whoever controls the resources has the upper hand!

Colteon B.
I felt that it would be terrible to be in the middle of the battle. I learned that the south could have thought out their strategy better—they lost the battle of Glorieta Pass due to losing supplies.

Joe K.
I had mixed feelings about Glorieta Pass but my strongest feeling was for the soliders who had to fight in that dense forests. It would be hard to find the enemy let alone shoot him because you can’t see very far. I learned that Sergeant Alfred Peticolas was part of a Texan group. He found himself in the middle of the Union enemy lines. Taking a coat from a dead Union soldier, he was able to sneak over to the confederate side. I want to learn how many died at that battle.

Anthony G.
I thought that the Confederates were going to win at Glorieta Pass, but the Union broke through the enemy lines and took the Confederates supplies. Then it all changed and the Union won. Today I learned what the soldiers were paid and what equipment they were given. I would like to learn about the guns they shot and how long it took them to travel.

Tristan H.
At Glorieta Pass I felt bad for the soldiers because they had to shoot through trees.

I felt like I was actually there [at the battle of Glorieta Pass] and it was a lot of fun learning things about the battlefield site. One thing I learned that I did not know was that there was a team that fought named the Confederates which didn’t really have uniforms. I would like to learn why the war started. The idea of having supplies helps me because if I was in a war with no supplies it would be bad so I would come prepared and ready to fight.

Dalton B.
I couldn’t believe I was standing where the “Gettysburg of the West” was fought. I learned that the Confederacy could have won the war. Today we learned that the Confederate Army lost the battle of Glireta Pass due to losing their supplies to the north. From this I learned that you always need to be prepared in everything you do.

Nathaniel N.
I felt that Glorieta was a place to remember for all the people who died there. I learned that the Confederates should have been more careful with their supplies. It makes my own life easier if I am prepared, if I wasn’t prepared I would lose.

Will M.
Today at Glorieta Pass I learned what soliders went through. I Learned about both Glorieta and Gettysburg today. I also learned that if you are not prepared you will die by loss of things that you need.

Lanny M.
Today I felt how it would have been as a Confederate soldier in the battle. I learned that the Confederates lost do to lack of supplies. If my life today if you are not prepared for a situation you will not succeed, which is the same as it was in the Civil War days.

* Our camp photographer, Brian, has done some research into his family’s history. He learned that his Great Great Uncle was a Union soldier who participated in the battle at Glorieta Pass. After the battle ended, his uncle was walking through the battlefield and saw a Confederate soldier that he presumed was dead. The man was alive and shot Brian’s uncle in the arm. Brian’s uncle acted in self defense and shot the Confederate soldier. Later in the hospital, the dead soldier’s friends learned what Brian’s uncle had done and began to threaten him. Brian’s uncle explained what happened and all agreed that Brian’s uncle was acting in self defense and the Confederate soldiers backed off. Brian’s uncle survived the war.