Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Days One and Two

NOTE: We have had a compatibility issue with the computer and the dvd that the pictures are on. So there are not any pictures posted so far. We are working on changing that! Parents some of these quotes have been edited to remove information for the safety of your child on the internet.

"My story begins in giving thanks to all participants and staff who have given up a week to join us. I hope that everyone enjoys themselves and participates to their fullest potential. For all of you back home, thank you for trusting us with your most prized possession (your child). We will do our very best to be safe and enjoy ourselves. Good luck and best wishes!"

Lawrence P. Camp director

"My name is Marissa and I'm an Indian. This is my first time coming to this camp. When I was coming to this camp I felt very nervous, and happy at the same time. At this camp I hope I do fun things. When it's time for me to leave I might not want to go back home."

Marissa E. Company A

"Today I met up with one of my cool friends Ezra! I'm really glad to be at camp for my 3rd year and I'm excited to meet new people and find out what cool activities they have this year. It's nice to see all my old friends and cool counselors from the last two years. It's also nice to be with my friend Kyle. So far I think this week will be really fun and I have two really cool counselors this year! I think I'm going to meet some really cool kids this year. I hope to learn more and more information this year and to feel what it was like 150 year ago!"

Skyler G. Company B

"I love Ft. Garland and everybody in it. I didn't like the bus ride much. I made new friends and the food is great. All in all I love Fort Garland. It is great and I want to come back next year!"

Ashley J. Company C

"Its really fun out here because we got to learn [what to do] when theres a fire drill going on and then got to pet horses and comb its hair and the counselors give you free hats and water bottles but we don't get to keep the wather bottles and you get to meet new people because I have made 6 new friends and their names are Marissa, Stephanie, Kenia, Javon, DeOndrea and Iesha."

Pilar D. Company D

"I am 9 years old. I like to weave. I am Native American, I four tribes. I am Navajo, Pawnee, Shawnee, and Southern Cheyenne. I live in Denver with my mom, my auntie, two brothers and cousin. This is my first year at this camp. I am going into fourth grade, my little brother is going into first grade. Today I saw a small horse, his name is Big Jack. He gets a big attitude if you call him small."

Savanna F. Company E

"Today we experienced how to take down the flag. As well we experienced how to become a quiet person. I met people named Obediah, Yvette,and Sabria."

Miranda V. Company F