Saturday, August 8, 2009

Buffalo Soldier Day

We watched the Buffalo Soldiers work with their horses. It was very impressive.

This is us doing battle with water guns. Once you were shot with a water gun you were wounded and had to be carried off of the battleground. We also learned how important it was to follow your commander's instructions in the heat of 'battle'. It was a blast. and we will probably do it again when it get's hot this afternoon.

Boy, we had a very full day. We learned more about Buffalo Soldiers, we rode horses, we practiced our drills, we had water gun battles, we designed our own forts and we even had time to sit under a tree and listen to music!

Back at home in our wonderful Ft. Garland. Tomorrow
we are learning about the Buffalo Soldiers that lived here.

Exploring the awe-inspiring Stations of the Cross in San Luis.

Baby piglets need a lot of care and love.

Collecting eggs

Austyn picking sweet peas. Yum!


Well, it is the second full day of camp and things are going great! We spent the first two days of camp living at the Quintana ranch in San Pablo, Colo. a few miles east of San Luis. We became ranchers taking care of the animals and the land. Check out these pics....