Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ute Indian Day/Monday

Today we studied American Indians. We ate all kinds of Indian foods such as pemmican, Indian stew and Indian fry bread. We met a Ute Indian woman who told us all about her culture - she even taught us Ute words!

We learned that the Utes when they killed a bison would use every part of the animal. They used the bladder for a water jug and the stomach for a cooking pot. We got to see and touch these things!

After lunch we went to the beautiful Trinchera ranch and took a hike. We saw all kinds of different animal prints.

We met a really cool guy named Ben who is Osage. He talked about being a modern day Indian.
Then he danced for us and taught us to dance. It was a really busy day.

Here are what some of the campers had to say about Indian Day (Monday)....


"My favorite thing was meeting Mr. Ezra (my counselor). Austyn

"Riding the horse was so fun and a little scary. It's very fun here." Olivia

"My favorite things were playing games, meeting new people, riding horses and eating." Sissi

"I like old time games, learning about the Utes, the yoyo and learning the Ute words." Leonard

"I liked riding the horses, learn about Ute Indians, nature walk, putting up the flag." Dominique

"My favorite thing was old time games. I also like doing the drills." Trahavonie

"The most fun I had ws the old school games. It was a hot day but we still had fun. I was the best day of my life!" Jessica


"Today we had a Ute speaker. She told us that in the Ute family the woman is the boss." Tommy

"I learned that the Utes believe that we came from the Bear. The Bear is a sacred animal to them." Emma

"It was a fun day today. I learned a lot from the Ute Indian woman!" Lissette

"Today was fun. I learned some words in Ute. This camp is cool." Erika

"We learned how the Utes would kill a bison and then use every part of it." D'Morea

"I learned all about the Indians. The woman was boss in the house." Luis

"We saw a Ute baby cradle board." Jesse


"Dinner was good!" Louis

"What I liked about camp so far is learning about other people." Sierrah

"My favorite part of the day was that Ms. Stacy (the Ute speaker) taught us lots and lots of new things." Pilar

"Company C is a good team. Thank you Mr. Brandon and Ms. Holly." Sha La'sha

"Today I learned that bison is the real name for the buffalo and Indians use every part of the bison." Matthew

"Today was very good because we saw some horses and we looked for deer prints in the ground." Fernando


"I learned Ute words today." Tristan

"I love the military drills! Although I lost 3 times, I still had fun." Leondre

"My counselors - Patrick and David - took us on a hike today. We saw a lot of things." Eledina

"Some activities that I have done today are: finding animal tracks, touching the horses and the really cool t-shirts we wear." Roneesha

"Today I went on a hike. It was fun. We also met a real Indian." Claudia

"I learned the horses come in different types. I also learned respect and to be honest and respectful." Jerveil

"I learned how it feels to go on a hike. I also learned about horses." Marquise

"My company is company D - Dynomite! I am having a lot of fun." Christian