Saturday, August 2, 2008

Colorado Camp begins!

We are off. We had a great drive from Denver. We stopped at Cuerno Verde by Colorado City for lunch. Then we arrived at the fort at 2:00 p.m. The girls are all sleeping in the Infantry barracks, the boys are in the Civil War Exhibit building.

We got into our companies Ms. Tessa and Mr. Ezra are the company leaders of Company A.
Ms. Katie and Mr. Arthur are the leaders of Company B. Company C is Ms. Hollly and Mr. Brandon and Company D is Mr. David and Mr. Patrick.

The companies explored the fort and then decorated big sugar cookies for a snack. Then it started to rain! Really, really hard so we all went into the Fort Theatre and met Mr. Booker and Mr. Ron who are Buffalo Soldiers. They taught us how to get into formation and told us how hard it was to be a Buffalo Soldier. Along with how tough it was to just be a soldier at a fort in the middle of nowhere, Buffalo Soldiers had to fight prejudice. We are going to learn more about Buffalo Soldiers in the next few days.