Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pennsylvania Camp

We went to the Meadowcroft Museum of Rural Living and did all sorts of fun activites and learned a bunch about history. We had to deal with some rain but it did not last for long. We went to the Heinz history center and learned about the civil war. Here are some cool pictures of our adventures.

We had to adjust to a new kind of home. They were nice, bug tents though.

The wilderness was beautiful and we got to check some cool buildings.

We got to learn about the underground railroad from some awesome people.

We also learned about football history at the Heinz History Center.

We became good friends with Abe Lincoln and made plans to hang out later.

Riding horses on the open trail was fun; luckily it didn't rain that day.

We even got to roast marshmellows and hang around the campfire.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Graduation Day

Colorado Historical Society President Ed Nichols congratulates camp
graduates with camp director Lawrence Pacecho, Bobbe Hultin, camp administrator
and Kathy Schultz park ranger in the background.

Sand Dunes Day

After the Sand Dunes we came back to the fort for a fiesta! Luis, Lissette, Claudia and Rae'ven performed for our special guests and then we danced and danced to the wonderful music of the Mariachi San Luis group.

We hiked a new trail in the Sand Dunes National Park with our fantastic park rangers.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exploring the arts

Today we learned about Hispano folk art and how it evolved from using leftover materials to make pieces of art. This was because the San Luis Valley was so isolated. Mr. Rick talked to us about this and then challenged us to make art out of our trash.

See what we made! We also visited Theresa Vigil and learned about the herbs you can collect in the mountains and what they can be used for.

Then after dinner we were given assignments to play specific people who were important to Ft. Garland. We had so much fun dressing up and acting our parts.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Buffalo Soldier Day

We watched the Buffalo Soldiers work with their horses. It was very impressive.

This is us doing battle with water guns. Once you were shot with a water gun you were wounded and had to be carried off of the battleground. We also learned how important it was to follow your commander's instructions in the heat of 'battle'. It was a blast. and we will probably do it again when it get's hot this afternoon.

Boy, we had a very full day. We learned more about Buffalo Soldiers, we rode horses, we practiced our drills, we had water gun battles, we designed our own forts and we even had time to sit under a tree and listen to music!

Back at home in our wonderful Ft. Garland. Tomorrow
we are learning about the Buffalo Soldiers that lived here.

Exploring the awe-inspiring Stations of the Cross in San Luis.

Baby piglets need a lot of care and love.

Collecting eggs