Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Wow, what a busy day we had on Tuesday! We learned a l ot about the Hispano culture and then we also met two Buffalo Soldiers who told us all about themselves.

We started the day by learning about the Hispanic arts of the San Luis Valley. We painted retablos, carved santos and weaved. We had taco salad for lunch and then we made adobe, learned about the special plants that grow in the valley that are used for curing illnesses, and then we met a woman who told us all about wool and weaving. She also brought three of her goats so we could try milking them. That was hard!

At lunch we had two musicians play beautiful Spanish music for us. We all got up and danced. That was a blast.

After lunch we began to learn about the Buffalo Soldiers who lived here at the Fort. We marched and did drills. We played old time baseball - the way the soldiers played it 100 years ago - after dinner.

The day ended with a sing-along of Civil War songs. Tomorrow, Wednesday, we are off to the Sand Dunes.