Sunday, August 10, 2008

You would have thought five years ago that I was going crazy

Over a hundred kids to this day,

and I'm still not getting lazy.

Some of the best counselors to this day, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Booker

these guys taught me a lot, especially how to be the "good looker"

Ms. Hultin averaged a new lingo each year.

You would've thought with all the Riggs, they would have cracked the first tear.

It never fails me, we get great kids each round

12 years of this camp, and they still make the same sound.

Whether they are the big kids to the little,

quite to the loud, mean to the nicest,

They all make me proud.

And I am happy to say whatever company I'm in.

All you kids are champions, and you all deserve to win.

So remember this week, remember everything you learned

for you are the future and this what you have earned.

Arthur Laster, Old Stories, New Voices camp counselor 8/07/08