Thursday, July 8, 2010

Civil War Trek Rap

by Camper Isaac, and Counselors Ezra and Quinton

Sittin' on the bus, lookin' at out the glass
Thinkin' where it started at Glorieta Pass.

It was a chilly night with lots of rain
Not enough to make us insane.

When the sun broke, we all awoke
And loaded the bus to Elk OK.

On the way there, we had to stop and stare
To check out the Cadillacs' trunks in the air.

Back on the bus, without a fuss
We escaped the 100 degrees burnin' us.

The next morning we heard Mr. Lawrence shout
"Hey campers, get your sunscreen out!"

We all said "Yay! What a day!"
We get to hang out at White Water Bay.

Off to Honey Springs to learn new things
Excited about what the trip brings.

With all the heat we tried to sleep,
But the farting contest was way off beat.

Up in the trees the crickets noise,
Was even louder than all the boys.

Awesome logistics got us fed,
Even though we wished it was breakfast in bed.

Without a peep, we did a final sweep,
On to the next one, Wilson's Creek.

Get the kids in the cellar
As John Ray watched the shooting fellers.

We left Wilson's Creek headed to the Arch,
Glad we're ridin', not on the march.

Even though it was a couple of hours,
It was worth it when we got to the showers.

We all got in troops, broke into groups,loaded the carts
And all rode to the tip top of the arch.

We walked in the rain in quite a hurry,
To get a good night's sleep back at the Drury.

We woke up that morning, our day still a mystery,
Learned how Dred Scott changed our nation's history.

With all the Red Bull the boys bus was cool,
Even little Will started acting the fool.

Boating is her fame, Spirit of Jefferson is her name,
We all got to ride because of MADD Dads' game.

If you want more knowledge
You gotta go to college,

So we stopped at UK
To get some sleep on the way.

Even though tired and weary,
The counselors wouldn't let us sleep; on our way to Harper's Ferry.

No music, just books and trivia is what we do
Hey shorties, what about you?

John Brown, an abolitionist was he, this is the town where he made history,
Even though tired as can be, Jefferson Rock was a must see.

23,000 gave their lives, all dying by cannons, guns, and knives.
Guaranteeing the rights to all children, husbands, and wives.

Observation Deck to the rolling of Antietam's cornfields
Where neither side would yield.

All gave some, some gave all,
This battle was anything but small.

We leave VA up to PA,
To learn about the battle that took place that day.

Gettysburg where history was made,
Was a turning point for Lee's Brigade.

The freedom that we enjoy,
Was put together by one man's ploy.

Honest Abe was his name,
The 16th President was his fame.

DC is where we're about to roam,
Starting off at the Presidential home.

We had fun in the sun
Even though on the run,

So much to say because we toured all day,
Now we're finishing off at Hard Rock Cafe.

Colorado, Nebraska, and Texas, altogether we make a tight crew,
Thanks to the counselors and staff, this is all because of you!

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